My name is Karen Adams, I am the founder of Personal Magic.

Doing what I love and providing a personal touch enables me to motivate, inspire, and guide clients to not only achieve their individual dreams and goals but to make them happy, confident and well.  

In 1990 I obtained my RSA Exercise to Music, and was able to teach in a Studio environment.  With good teaching skills excitement and happiness was evident in every class. In 1999 my Personal Magic business was born after obtaining a Personal Training, Nutrition and Massage qualification from Premier Training International. Personal Magic attracts a variety of clients with different objectives, creating changes they never thought possible.

From 2006 to 2008, I obtained Level 1-3 qualifications in Clinical Modern Pilates and now offer a wide variety of classes that challenge and educate. This has been shown in the loyalty and commitment I have received online since 2020.

I achieved my Level 3 Barre Method qualification in November 2020 with Claire Wray.

A Holistic Lifestyle qualification in 2016-2017 from the Cheq Institute has helped achieve a Living Longer Living Better approach to the whole body. Meditation and Mindfulness practise has become an important part of being in every moment, an inner sense of calm gives me joy and gratitude for every precious day on this earth.

To view and book my classes, please click the link below.

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